Sunday, September 21, 2008

You shall Not Surely Die

You Shall Not Surely Die!!!!

Let me open this original post by saying that I am not a biblical scholar. I'm just an average guy he wants to know, honor, and respect my God and my Lord Jesus Christ. That being said I will post post biblical concepts I am learning on this blog from time to time. I won't post everything I study on here just things I think could be of benefit to others.

Genesis 3:1-24

The Devil worked through Eve, and said "Did God Say" that casted doubt in Eve's mind. It is good to note that God did say they would DIE if they ate the fruit from the tree he told them not to eat of. The Devil said "Did God Say" to introduce doubt.... Given that many doubt Christianity, the resurrection, and just about everything else I would say the Devil has been making a lot of people doubt in our time.

Eve than in referenceing what God said stated the following, " You shall not eat from it or touch it." If you have your bible open you will notice that God never mentioned anything about touching the fruit; Eve did that all on her own!!!! Thus far she has made a few mistakes 1. opened up a conversation with the devil 2. added to God's word....

The Devil than says, "You will not die." But God clearly said "you will die." next the serpent said, "You will be like GOD knowing both good and evil." So what was it that Eve really wanted here? To be like GOD.... Where was Adam? Notice that evil serpent didn't take them on together? Divide and conquer!!!! This is no different than what he tries to do to your marriages ladies and gentlemen. Do you talk with your spouse about issues between you, or do you talk with your buddies? Why didn't Adam protect his wife? Why did Adam sin when his wife offered it to him? What did Adam do when God confronted him about his sin? Remember, he really blamed God by telling him it was the women that he gave him. There are many questions we could ask ourselves to understand this passage (and you should), but the truth can be fully understood with one question: Are Adam and Eve alive today?

This first encounter in Genesis is very revealing to anyone studying the Bible if they really look at it. God tells the truth/the devil lies... Eve added to God's word and it bit her in the rear end. Eve was the first person to create her own denomination.... The Devil didn't take on Adam and Eve together. It was divide and conquer. Also Eve was finished once she entered dialogue with the devil. All he needs sometimes is a small crack to get in and all of a sudden down the road BOOM!!!! You will wonder what happened... All the wickedness of man kind can be traced back to this... How did it start? with a simple question, "Did God say?"

Unlike Adam (the first Adam), Jesus Christ died on the cross for his bride (the church). Jesus didn't do what was easy he obeyed God to the death, and he knew about it in advance (Isa 53:6-ff). Death came from sin (just like God told Adam and Eve it would), but Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8). If you read this record in Genesis all the way through you will notice that God gave them the promise of Jesus Christ at the time of the fall, and that God gave them clothes. He took care of them... The Devil didn't do that.

Consider: Jesus Christ and Eve are the only two individuals who were directly tempted by the Devil...

What should we learn and obey here? Don't sin.... Don't get comfortable with sin because it is slavery and death. Freedom and salvation comes from God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Apply the word: Stand up for what you know is right! Imitate Christ, he didn't tolerate evil even if it was from his friends. Christ died for his bride. Men should be willing to do the same.

Read these verses: Genesis 2:16-17, 1 Corinthians 15:20-24
Memorize these verses: 1 John 3:8, Romans 6:6

1 John 3:8